Painters Tips & Tricks – Repaint Bathtubs, Walls & More

Painting your home or office area by yourself is a difficult task. It only requires a professional expert for proper finishing and makes it long lasting. They make your home look rich and classy for years. If you need a service to give an attractive look to your building it’s important to hire a painter that uses the right tools and have experience to do the job seamlessly. Painting is not an easy job; these are the basic reasons to hire a professional painter’s-  

  • Quality of work– Professional painters is reliable and delivers the best results. They mainly use the best tools and techniques to paint the whole building with perfection. They use the best and higher quality of paint suited for your home or business that will stay on the walls for a long time.
  • Familiar with new patterns– They help give the best advice and recommendations on color with more suitable on the walls. The professionals provide different coloring schemes that bring the old home interior and exterior into a new one.
  • Save the money– With the help of a professional painter, you can save your money and get affordable painting services. They deliver the quality of work while staying within your budget.
  • Specialized skills – Not all painting involves walls, trim and ceilings. Some painters, often called “sprayers”, specialize in bathroom fixtures like tubs. This is a totally different skill set than painting wood or drywall. For instance, this Jacksonville bathtub refinishing company can restore and reglaze tubs, tile, sinks, showers and even countertops!
  • Safety– Professional painters mainly invest more in training, right tools, safety equipment, and certifications. This mainly ensures that the work goes well without any accident incidents that can affect your home or family. They have drop cloths, ladders, painter’s tape, and paint buckets, among other essential accessories.
  • Timely Completion of work– Professional painters helps you to save your time and spend that time in doing activities that you actually enjoy
  • Reduce stress level– Professional painters provide the insurance to guarantee the best possible results. If anything goes wrong at the time of working, they will be able to make things right. This provides peace of mind to the customers.

I have been working for a local painter now for 8 years and one of the things I realized within my first 3 months of training is that professional painters know a lot more about how to do the job right. Because painting is one of those activities that anyone can learn to do, a lot of us take it on ourselves. Unfortunately, we usually do this without any proper training or insider knowledge as to how to do it right. A bad paint job results in walls staining quickly, chips, peeling and not getting good coverage. But the right techniques, tools and products can fix all that.

Let me be clear, I’m a big believer in homeowners just simply hiring a painter for the job. It will save you a ton of time, hassle and stress. Plus, a painter will get the job done in a few days, whereas it might take you a month to finish it on nights and weekends after work. Still, for those that do want to take on the task of painting their own home, I thought these tips could really be helpful. So I put together this online guide to share with my friends and family, along with anyone else that comes across it.

Different tips and tricks that are used to paint both interior and exterior of your business

  • Consider the weather condition: Before painting the exterior, always consider the best weather condition when there is zero rain and low humidity levels. It is not advisable to paint during the cold and rainy season because it will not dry properly.
  • Pick your best color– Always choose the best color that suits your house or commercial building. Once you have a sense of what you are looking for, pick a few shades, and get samples. Test all the shades how they look at different times.
  • Properly inspect and clean the surface thoroughly– It is one of the essential steps to ensure that you get high quality and well-polished paint. If you paint on the dirty surface, the new coat will give the best result, so always clean the area before applying paint properly. Use sand or scrape to rinse the whole surface. With the help of a cleaner, remove the dust and stain on the walls. If any holes and cracks are visible, then apply putty.
  • Cover door, windows, and hardware– To prevent any mishaps during the painting, cover all the windows, doors, and equipment. Cover the other lighting fixture with the help of plastic bags.
  • Pick the best tools – Always prefer to choose the unique and high quality of tools depending upon the paint and the condition of your walls. There are few tools such as paint roller, drop cloths, paint brushes, sandpaper, rags, and paint tray and paint roller extension pole.
  • Use primer– Make use of tinted primer instead of white primer. Applying the good coat of primer helps to increase the paint durability and add protection for the material painted on it.
  • Proper ventilation– Make sure to open all the windows which keep the room warm and fan blowing help to speed up the drying process.
  • Finish one wall before moving to the next– Always Make sure to finish working on one wall entirely before moving on to the next. While moving from one wall to another, the best way is to cover your paint bucket with the help of a damp towel so that it could not dry.
  • Wash rollers– Always wash the roller before using it, which will help remove all the fibers that can stick to the walls while you are painting. The best way is to move your hands on the roller so that it removes all the fibers.
  • Paint all the siding–  Always paint all of the sidings from top to bottom and from left to right. It allows you to cover up any drips of paint that fall while going from left to right to help identify any spots that you have missed quickly.
  • Wrap your rollers- When you are all done with the painting, always keep in mind to wrap your roller and brushes in an airtight plastic bag.

Things to consider while choosing the best product for painting-

  • Durability– It is one of the most important factors when choosing exterior paint. High durable paint always provides finishing for at least 5-10 years.
  • Water-based paints– These are one of the commonly used wall paint because it is easy to use. The main advantage of using water-based paint is that it does not require pre-treatment and is easy to clean up with water.
  • Oil-based paints- These paints are almost used on all surfaces and have high durability.
  • Ultraviolet protection– Most of the color of the paint gets dull and changes in less than two to four months due to the intensity of the sun.  UV paint is the most environmentally friendly and has high solid content.
  • Stain Resistant– It is also one of the essential factors that need to be considered while choosing paint. It means it is easier to clean all the stains such as dirty fingerprints and food splatters with the help of wet clothes.
  • Paint Sheen– These are used to provide the best appearance to the paint. It means if higher the sheen, then higher will be the shine and there will be more durability. Flat or matte paint sheen is dull as it absorbs more light.

Various types of exterior and interior paint finishes-

For Interior Walls & Ceilings

There are different types of paint finished that have their advantage and uses. It tells how shiny or bright your room will look. There are different types of paint finishes available-

  • Matte Paint- This type of paint requires fewer coats and a smooth appearance that hides surface blemishes such as nail holes and other patches.
  • Eggshell paint- It is one of the most popular wall paints, which provides a low sheen and a soft, smooth finish to the walls just like a true eggshell. These are easily washable and resist stains.
  • Stain Paint- These paint paints provide an elegant and pearl like look to the walls inside the home. It works better in indoor areas such as a playroom, home offices, children, bedrooms as well as kitchen.
  • Semi-gloss paint– This type of paint works well in the area having high humidity such as washroom, kitchen, and laundry rooms. It is easier to clean and provide a blemish look on the walls and ceilings.

For Exterior Homes or Buildings

Before painting on the exterior of the building, there is a need to provide finishing. Following are the three main types of exterior paint finishes-

  • Gloss finish– This type of paint is used for covering the entire body of the house and making your home look like plastic. It is mainly used in places such as doors, their frames, and windows and furniture placed outside.
  • Satin Finish- Satin finish paint is mainly used for exterior painting. This type of paint is more durable than the other paint; resist mold and mildew effectively and easy to clean.
  • High gloss paint– These are highly durable and add more richness to the paint color. When your use of dark or dull colors on your wall reflects more light and gives a dazzling appearance, they are mainly used to highlight exterior walls, architectural details, front doors, and window frames.

For Tubs, Tile, Shower Surrounds & Sinks

Don’t try to take on this work yourself. Most homeowners that try to paint their own bathroom fixtures end up doing such a poor job, because they don’t have the right equipment or training, that the surfaces bubble and quickly peel. In the end, they waste a lot of time and hire someone anyway.

It’s best to hire a proper refinisher to reglaze your tile or tub.


If you want to get your home or office painted, then there is a need to hire painting professionals who provide a vibrant appearance. Their quality finishing and perfect paint durability add more value to your home.