About Me

I’ve been working for a local painter now for 8 years and one of the things I realized within my first 3 months of training is that professional painters know a lot more about how to do the job right. Because painting is one of those activities that anyone can learn to do, a lot of us take it on ourselves. Unfortunately, we usually do this without any proper training or insider knowledge as to how to do it right. A bad paint job results in walls staining quickly, chips, peeling and not getting good coverage. But the right techniques, tools and products can fix all that.

Let me be clear, I’m a big believer in homeowners just simply hiring a painter for the job. It will save you a ton of time, hassle and stress. Plus, a painter will get the job done in a few days, whereas it might take you a month to finish it on nights and weekends after work. Still, for those that do want to take on the task of painting their own home, I thought these tips could really be helpful. So I put together this online guide to share with my friends and family, along with any one else that comes across it.

Go start painting,

Lio Martinez